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"Shirley opened my eyes to the understanding of the menstrual cycle and how important is to follow it consciously.
On the other hand, she shared different anti-conception methods that do not intervene with the organic cycle system, which I found wonderful on being able to have different types of options and further on used them depending on the situation. Her information shared empowered me and other women on body and life self-care."



"I arrived at Shirley's clinic to learn Fertility Awareness and to be fitted for a diaphragm. I'm normally extremely anxious and scared of all gynecological medical procedures. Shirley welcomed me with a present and calming attitude, she is extremely patient and puts a lot of effort into making all the information theoretical and practical, clear, and simple to understand. She helped me connect with my body and I use my diaphragm with confidence and satisfaction. Since we met I'm much more at ease with medical procedures in general.

Learning Fertility Awareness is a MUST for every woman, to my opinion. I feel so blessed to learn and use this knowledge for myself and for my daughters - I have so much to give them, and I sure will when the time comes. I feel much more confident in my body and how it functions throughout the menstrual cycle. I feel much more connected to myself than before. I recommend it to every woman."

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