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Personalized Care and Guidance

WanderWomen Clinic has been providing women and couples with quality and comprehensive consultations regarding hormone free contraception  methods since 2002.

I believe in  providing women worldwide with professional knowledge and empowering  decision making regarding their reproductive health. 

Let me provide you with the personalized care you deserve.


Menstrual & Fertility Awareness

With correct use, Sensiplan a Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning is safe and effective (96.6% in preventing pregnancy).
It is not necessary to have a regular monthly menstrual cycle to be able to rely on modern methods of natural contraception. Natural contraception can be applied in special circumstances, such as breastfeeding, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), peri-menopause, and stress.

Consultation is followed by constant web support until you have established confidence use of your chosen method of natural contraception. In addition to fertility mapping, consultations may cover issues such as:

  • What to expect when coming off the Pill, Depo-Provera, Implanon and Mirena

  • How the menstrual cycle changes over the reproductive life course

  • Correct use of a Diaphragm, Cervical cap, Emergency
    contraception and the
    ‘withdrawal’ method

Diaphragm Fitting

The diaphragm is a medical silicone shaped dome, flexible rimmed cap.

Before sex, a woman inserts the diaphragm creating a barrier to sperm. For added protection, about a tablespoon of spermicide jell is used on the inside of the diaphragm.

When a diaphragm is fitted correctly, the woman should not feel the diaphragm and should be able to wear it comfortably.  Your partner may feel the silicone of the diaphragm but it should not cause discomfort.  The diaphragm may be inserted at any time before sex and it must be left in place for minimum 6 hours after sex.

Of women who always use the diaphragm correctly, six out of 100 become pregnant (94%).

Diaphragms available with me are Caya and Milex.

Cervical cap is a little cap made of thin soft medical silicone material, inserted into the vagina to form excellent physical 'barrier' to sperms and to prevent pregnancy. It fits over the cervix – rather like an egg-cosy over a boiled egg – so you have to be very sure that you can find your own cervix with your fingers and put the cap snugly over it. I will teach you to feel your cervix and properly place the cap in our consultation meeting.

It has a success rate of roughly 95% per year among women who've been trained to use it correctly.

Cervical cap brand available with me is Evanella/Beacap.

Cervical Cap Fitting

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All you need for Natural and Effective Birth Control

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