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MY Services

Personalized Care and Guidance

WanderWomen Clinic is providing women and couples with quality and comprehensive consultations of hormone free contraception methods since 2002.

I believe in  providing women worldwide with professional knowledge and empowering  decision making regarding their reproductive health. 

Let me provide you with the personalized care you deserve.


Empowering One Woman at a Time

Shirley Pavlik NP, MPH is a certified academic public health nurse, specializing in women's health, natural fertility, health education

and consultancy.

For nearly 24 years Shirley has provided comprehensive fertility counseling, supporting women and couples taking charge of their fertility by making them aware of their choices for hormone-free contraception.

Shirley's work is based and supported by the best available research, training programs, and products.
Her work includes private consultations and distant support via web technologies.


Shirley's origin is from Israel and she founded WanderWomen Clinic following her passion of providing non-hormonal contraception

methods, fitting and education, along with her

worldwide traveling.

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